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28 December 2020

What constitutes a cheap cellphone plan? With so many phone companies competing for your business, you have an enormous number of options to choose from. Most of these are similar, offering unlimited data with an allowance of “high speed data”. For some of us data hogs, the more high-speed the better……. Without breaking the bank that is. For others, they have no need for unlimited data. There is Wi-Fi at home, Wi-Fi at work, and just about anywhere you go offers some type of free Wi-Fi. And there are a select handful of people, who prefer not to use their cellphones at all. They keep a phone for emergencies and can get by with purchasing 10 cents a minute.

There is something for everyone with all these options. Keeping that in mind we took into consideration not just the price, but the value you pay and the availability of help. There are times when we need a new sim card or phone now, and not wait for customer service to send us one through the mail.

With that, we came across three different plans from Boost Mobile that we feel offers you the most at the lowest price. Stack that with Boost Mobile’s retails stores in every major city and you have three very budget friendly options.

For serious data users:

Boost Mobile offers an extremely competitive unlimited plan that reduces in price for customer loyalty. With Unlimited Talk & Text and 15GBs of data, this plan will shrink from $45 to $35 a month after 6 months of service. This plan is perfect for those who need data for Netflix and YouTube on your lunch break but connect to Wi-Fi as soon as they get home.

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For light and exceptionally light data users with Wi-Fi wherever they go:

Boost mobile has two new plans that give you a ton of bang for your buck. You get unlimited talk and text with both plans offering some data to get you by between Wi-Fi spots. With Boost Mobile’s new upgraded network, you will get faster speeds and even greater connectivity in rural areas. The two plans cost $10 and $15 dollars and come with their own standalone plan. The data you get with these plans is Boost Mobile’s high-speed 4G LTE. There are 1 or 2 GB options. The $10 a month plan is perfect for someone with a flip phone. If you use less than 2GBs of data every month, Boost Mobile has an unbeatable plan. $15 a month for everything you need, that is only $180 for a year of phone service. Some customers pay $150 every month for 1 phone, with the larger carriers.

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We chose Boost Mobile’s plans based on a combination of price, coverage, store availability, and how much service you get with the plan. Yes, there are people who need 50+ GBs every month. They like to binge watch their shows, or they are YouTube enthusiast who are either uploading or downloading videos. But there are still the everyday hard-working individuals, who are not on their phone every second they can be. To some, a phone is still just a phone. Thanks to plans like these from Boost Mobile, those individuals will not have to pay higher prices for data they do not use.

Comparable plans:

When we came up with this list, we searched several companies that had similar plans. Some offer great prices but have no retail locations, and others off comparable data but cost more money. Here are some of the runner ups who almost made the cut.  

Red Pocket Mobile

$10 a month
1,000 minutes, Unlimited Text, & 1GBs High-Speed Data

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Mint Mobile

$45 for 3 months
Unlimited Talk & Text, 3GBs High-Speed Data

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$20 a month
Unlimited Talk & Text, 1GBs High-Speed Data

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