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04 January 2021

A great option for saving money in 2021

If you use a lot of data to stream music or videos, boost mobile is a great solution. Boost mobile is the most popular wireless telecommunication brand that offers ways of lowering your phones’ bills.

Boost mobile provides more than you would expect from other wireless services. From high-speed data to unlimited streaming services and unlimited talk and text, boost mobile stands out from other prepaid phone companies. You can unlock your phone and make it compatible with boost or buy one from the Boost Mobile directly.

Boost Mobile Data

If you need high-speed data and cannot go without the internet, boost mobile can be your option. Unfortunately, it does not provide international rooming. But if you are in places like Canada and Mexico, you can get international coverage through the ad-on plan. With boost mobile, you’ll be required to pay upfront and get everything you need. For instance, you can get excellent unlimited high-speed data at affordable prices. The good thing about boost mobile is that it comes with hotspot services on every plan.

Boost Mobile unlimited music streaming

Whether you are at the gym, work or travelling, you can listen to your favorite music on any plan. All the boost mobile plans will allow you to stream as much music as you want without compromising the high-speed data allotment. If you enroll on $35, $45, or $60 plans, the unlimited music streaming is a feature that will show automatically.

Boost Mobile family plans

Boost Mobile’s family plans is a great way of saving money. Boost will provide discounts for additional lines. You can add all your family members and save money. For instance, 4 Lines with Boost Mobile is $30 line/month, and you will 30 GB hotspot, unlimited data talk and text, and HD streaming.

Boost Mobile devices

Boost Mobile has a variety of phones. Through one of Boost Mobile’s many retail stores or website, you can upgrade to the latest Samsung or iPhone model.

Boost Mobile plans

Boost mobile offers a wide range of unlimited plans on their new upgraded network. They include taxes and all fees in their pricing. Their plans are affordable and are worth it if you want unlimited services. They have five new plans under $50. If you are a light data user, you can opt for the $10, $15, $25 per month. If you want high-speed data and more services, you can go for the $35 per month. This plan offers 3GB of data and unlimited text and call. If you want to sign up at Walmart, you will get 6GB of data.

The unlimited plan starts at $50 per month. However, with two lines it can be $40, or $80 and you will get 30 GB of hotspot data.

Boost mobile has different plans if you want to get connected all over the world. If you want to get international connect plus, you will be required to add $10 per month and get unlimited call and text to Mexico, Canada, and 70+ countries.

Boost Mobile understands that mobile services and internet are essential in modern life. That’s why they offer the best coverage at affordable prices.

Boost Mobile Plans

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