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07 January 2021

Why comparing phone plans is important when choosing the right company

            If you are an average person with a smartphone, you find that this crucial cell phone is your lifeline.  However, as much as you love your phone, you may not be totally in love with the price of the plan that you are paying for it.  Or, you know, the actual plan itself.  Don’t despair!  You can love your smartphone and its plan again!  The key is to simply take a moment to find the right phone plan for you.  Maybe it’s a different plan, or maybe it’s even a different provider.  There are many options and paths to consider. 

Comparing Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T

            In the US, your main providers to choose from include Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.  While you may assume that they’re all just similar versions of each other, fluctuating between a few details on quotes or plans for your cell phone or smartphone, but there’s more to it!  Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

  • Verizon: When using Verizon’s messaging system, you can use that message center to send gifts to others! For instance, sending some data to a friend who is always running out of their own.  Then there’s the fact that you can pay all of your bills at once when it comes to your phone, from Verizon’s hub.  For instance, any music, digital books or movies that you buy can all be put “on your tab” to pay all at once.  This is great for those who prefer leaving their credit card out of it!
  • T-Mobile: This provider focuses more on the user experience on a day-to-day basis, as far as its perks. For instance, it has superior scam protection so that you won’t keep getting those robo calls or those random digital sounding texts from unknown numbers.  This filters out a lot of the scams for you so they are never your problem to deal with.  T-Mobile also includes a Netflix subscription so that you can take a look at the hottest shows without having to manage your own subscription with its monthly fee.
  • AT&T: This provider focuses on speed and access. They will offer same-day delivery and include set-up on their devices so that everyone can get everything started seamlessly as possible.  They also offer dedicated service and customer support throughout everyone’s time as a customer.  For those that often find themselves wishing customer service was better, this is a great provider to consider.

Plans shift and change across the board

            Determining a good plan from a bad one -- for your needs -- is a personal decision.  For example, perhaps Verizon offers the data you crave, whereas others may find that they like the pla features of T-Mobile better.  Each provider is constantly changing its plans to better serve its users.  You don’t necessarily have to choose one provider over the other simply because of its plans.

Take your time

            When considering both your plan quote and the provider that will earn you money take your time.  They are all competing for you and your funds, after all, so take a moment to check out which of these you like most and see if any of them are also going to throw in a perk or two to you, in particular, in order to earn your sale.

            The thing is, too, that what you choose is going to determine how the main providers learn what’s working for their users.  Customer analytics is a key concept to how they market and adjust both their techniques and their plan details.  If you choose whatever they offer, all you’re doing is reinforcing what they know to already work.  If you choose to go with something else, however, they’ll take a look at what you chose, why it was better than what they offered, and use that information to offer a better, tailored plan or provider experience for the next customer that comes along.  So, choosing carefully and consciously on plans and providers is also a humanitarian and good Samaritan experience, too!

Times have changed greatly.  You are no longer forced into going with any particular provider or the other simply because there is no one else out there who can give you a quote on the right plans for your cell phone.  This puts all of the power on you, and you should use it to really shop around for quotes and plans before making your decision.  This will help you get just the right plan for you -- whatever details that may turn out to include!

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