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11 January 2021

Why The iPhone 11 Is A Perfect Upgrade for Customers Holding onto Older iPhones

iPhone is easy to use and offers better technical support than any other phone. It is fully supported by Apple and easily updates to the latest iOS. The good thing about this phone is that it is fast and has a good integration of software and hardware.

With so many phones hitting the market you might be wondering which phone to upgrade to. If you are working with an older iPhone, chances are, you are noticing some performance issues or problems with the battery life. Here is why the iPhone 11 is a good upgrade for customers with older devices:

✓ iPhone 11 has the same size as iPhone 12 and 12 pro

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 differ more on features such as storage. However, the screen size is still the same. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max screen size bumped from 6.5 to 6.7 inches from last year’s 11 Pro Max. But these are devices that start at $1,000 and $1,100.

✓ The camera upgrades

iPhone 11 is excellent because of its camera. It has stellar cameras that enhance zoom capabilities and still performs well in low light environments. This device comes with two lens camera- (the ultra-wide lens and wide-angle lens). The camera consists of 12 megapixels which allow the phone to capture high-quality photos.

The night mode turns on automatically in a dark environment to brighten the photos and reduces noise in the surrounding environment.

With iPhone 11, you will not have to switch to video mode. It has a QuickTake feature that will instantly hold the button from photo to video mode.

✓ The iPhone 11 has great performance compared to this years model

iPhone 12 has an advanced design, but it has not updated much from the last years’ model. The iPhone 11 comes with six colors, such as mint green and a beautify lilac. Although the edges of the iPhone 11 have a similar feel to the previous year’s XR, the upgraded A13 processor and cameras make it a better value for your dollar.

The iPhone 11 has extremely long battery life and comes with a larger battery than this year’s iPhone 12.

✓ Affordable prices for unlocked iPhone 11

Unlocked iPhones are becoming popular because you get the freedom of selecting the model, plans and carriers. If you want an affordable unlocked phone, iPhone 11 should be your option. A new unlocked iPhone 11 costs $599, a good option for those with budgetary constraints. Compared to its counter parts iPhone 12 $800 / iPhone 11 Pro $900 / iPhone 12 Pro $1,000, the value and price of the iPhone 11 is unmatched.

With an unlocked iPhone 11, you can continue using your old plan. Because the phone is not exclusively tied to a single carrier, it can be moved from network to network.

Based on value, price, size, and battery life. If you are looking to upgrade your older iPhone, we think the iPhone 11 is the best choice for you.

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