Three Must Have Things to Protect Your New Cellphone

13 January 2021

The Essentials for Every Cellphone

When it comes to purchasing a new cellphone, most people think secondary when protecting their investment.  I say an investment since most of us use our cellphones for pretty much everything we do in our lives.  When I think about what I use the most and what is most important to have on me, it is my cellphone.  I use my cellphone for work, music, taking photos, an alarm clock, social media, and staying in contact with my friends and family.  Therefore, we were shocked when we found polls show the average person drops their cellphone almost 4 times a week.

So, with that said we would highly recommend to everyone purchasing their new cellphone to consider the essentials.  What are the essentials?  The essentials are what you will need to protect your cellphone or investment. Make sure you have an emergency charger when you travel, screen protector to protect from scratches, and a case that both protects your phone and fits your personality.

With cellphone cases there are usually three categories that exist. You have designer, moderate protection, and heavy-duty.  Designer cases offer you the minimum protection from drops but still offer you some insurance with drops from shorter distances.  These cases usually come in different colors and themes. They are perfect for those individuals who are incredibly careful with their cellphones.  The moderate protection cases offer better protection than its designer counterpart, without adding a lot of size and bulk to the cellphone.  These cases would be perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and need that extra layer of protection.  Heavy-duty cases offer you the best protection available and are usually bulkier in size.  They are perfect for those with physically demanding jobs or who are prone to drop their cellphones.  There are cases for everyone’s lifestyle, and you can always change them out depending on what you will need for the day.  Whether you are going on a date or heading to the lake for the weekend, ensure that you are protecting your cellphone with the right case.

One of the essentials that I personally own and recommend to my family and friends are tempered glass screen protectors.  These are worth the price and most companies who manufacture tempered glass screen protectors offer replacements at no cost to you.  Some companies charge shipping and handling for sending you the new one and sending your broken one back, but its more economical than just buying a brand-new screen protector.

An absolute must and something I personally carry myself is an emergency charger.  You never know what kind of unexpected things you will encounter as you are traveling.  You never want to get stranded or stuck in a situation without a cellphone.  A dead battery is the easiest problem to fix with an emergency charger.  They range from power banks, car chargers, an extra cord, and even a case.  You can protect your cellphone from drops and ensure your battery will not die with the same essential.  If you do not own some type of backup charger by now.  When you get one, you will see how much you use it daily.

These are the three essentials that we recommend everyone get when buying a new cellphone or if you do not already have them.  Protecting your investment is a must since most cellphones now adays cost as much as a new laptop or more.  Protect your investment and give yourself a piece of mind when accidents happen.

- Mobile Advisor

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