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24 September 2020

Do we need to be scared of 5G?

The answer is no. Most of the YouTube conspiracies out there have one thing in common. They focus on 5G running on high 300ghz frequencies! Microwaves cook our food at 2.4ghz, 5G must be bad.......right? Well, not exactly. You see microwaves cook your food using power generated from something called a magnetron. (Magnetron is not a transforming robot) Your microwave uses the heat from that power created by the magnetron, and transfers that through your food at a frequency of 2.4ghz. Frequencies low and high are passing through our bodies every day, no avoiding it. With no heat generated from power, we are safe from harm. Trust us, that is one YouTube rabbit hole you want to avoid.

What does 5G stand for?

Do not confuse it with 5ghz like we see on the back of our wifi routers, or 5gbs of data speed. No, 5G is simply the 5th Generation of mobile networks. As our technology is evolving, so is our means of communication. Phone carriers are already taken down older 2G antennas and will soon be retiring 3G antennas. That means if your holding onto an old LG or Samsung flip phone, they will probably be obsolete with your carrier next year.

What does 5G mean for the future?

5G is going to revolutionize how we use and access the internet. A large file that took an hour to download, will take seconds. As devices and 5G evolves, this will bring high speed internet to rural towns. Towns that paid high prices for slow internet will get access to wireless 5G internet with a hotspot on their mobile plan. Business will be able to add a mobile hot spot to their phone plans and have incredible internet service, without paying high commercial rates from the cable companies. 5G will bring advancements in autonomous car, AI, connected devices, drones, and even robotic controls in real time.

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