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22 January 2021

Starter vs. Extra vs. Elite plans

AT&T has faster 5G and more 5G coverage. AT&T uses the latest security technology to ensure that your data is safe. They strive to offer high-quality internet experience to all their users.

Their plans are more affordable than Verizon with more coverage than T-Mobile. That been said, it can be confusing to choose the best AT&T unlimited plan. AT&T offers various perks to allow everyone to enjoy great mobile data. AT&T’s Unlimited Elite, Extra, and Starter all come with talk, text, & data in Mexico and Canada

AT&T’s Unlimited Starter

Like other wireless internet providers, such as Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T offers a solid introductory plan. With AT&T’s Unlimited Starter plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and a basic 4G LTE of data. Unfortunately, this plan does not have a fun streaming perk and hotspot option. The good thing about this plan is that you’ll get to 5G network and fraud blocking at no extra charges.

AT&T’s Unlimited Extra

If you are looking for a good hotspot plan that will give you access to 5G network, AT&T’s Unlimited Extra is your best option. Unlike the Unlimited Starter plan that offers basic 4G LTE data, AT&T’s Unlimited Extra allows users to enjoy 50GB of priority 4G LTE.

Each line on the Unlimited Extra plan will get 15GB of hotspot data. With Unlimited Extra plan you get a lower rate, with fast priority data, enough hotspot for eLearning and working from home, and offers the same great advance mobile security.

AT&T’s Unlimited Elite

AT&T’s Unlimited Elite is their top premium plan. As you might expect from the name Unlimited Elite, this plan doubles its features with 30GB of hotspot and 100GB of priority data. With a capable device, you can access 5G network. Also, you can enjoy the HBO Max subscription at no extra cost. Unlimited Elite is the only AT&T plan that offers an extra streaming perk.

All the plans offer unlimited text, calls, and data, but they come with different monthly rates. While the Unlimited Starter comes with a lower price, it lacks essential things such as priority data and mobile hotspot data.

During congestions, the network speed might go down for the Unlimited Starter. However, the Unlimited Extra and Elite plan includes 50GB, 100 GB allotment of premium data. This perk is essential as it enhances the network speed during network congestions.

The three AT&T unlimited plans are excellent for those who want to save extra money on a high internet bill. This is due to the fact their mobile data is reliable and would only need to connect to a Wi-Fi source for updates. The biggest difference in the plans is the perks and when they throttle in times of congestion. All three plans have 5G access, advanced mobile security, and unlimited talk/text/data in Mexico and Canada. AT&T also allows for their customers to mix and match the unlimited plans to save money. Mom and Dad may enjoy the features of the Unlimited Elite plan, but grandma and grandpa do not need the priority data and go on the Unlimited Started plan.

We hope this breakdown of AT&T’s Starter, Extra, and Elite will help you in picking the right plan for your family.

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