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25 January 2021

Start Unlimited VS. Play More Unlimited / Do More Unlimited VS. Get More Unlimited plans.

Verizon offers the fastest 5G speed when compared to other wireless providers. Although it cost more, it is the most reliable wireless carrier. The good thing about Verizon is the mix and match family plans. This perk allows each line to sign up for the unlimited plan that works well for them. For instance, a specific line who loves to stream songs can go for the Play more unlimited plan, while those who want a basic unlimited plan can sign up for the Start Unlimited. Remember, you want to get the most value for your money. So, which plan should you use?

Verizon’s Start unlimited

If you are not planning to use hotspot data, Verizon’s Start Unlimited might be your solution. It comes with a lower cost compared to other Verizon plans. And do not worry, having a cheap price does not mean that you will not enjoy excellent services. With Verizon’s Start Unlimited, you will get an excellent 4G LTE network. Unfortunately, if you live in a congested city, you might get frustrated with the network speed. Start Unlimited is the first plan to get throttled in times of congestion. With Verizon’s Start Unlimited, you will get access to 5G, but may have reduced upload and download speeds. With Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan you can travel into Mexico and Canada without worrying about additional plan charges. You will get Unlimited Talk & Text, but data is reduced after .5GB per day. The perks with Verizon’s Start Unlimited is 6-month free trial of Disney+, Apple Music, and Discovery+.

Verizon’s Play More Unlimited 

If you love streaming music or watching Netflix, you can give Play more unlimited a try. The data option, text, and call are the same as Start Unlimited. However, other perks set this Verizon plan apart. If you have a capable device, you can stream or download episodes in 720P HD resolution.

The subscribers of Start Unlimited experience slow data speed when the network is busy. However, the users of Verizon’s Play More Unlimited get 50GB of priority data per line, which favors them during congestions. The Play More Unlimited allows subscribers to use their smartphones as WI-FI hotspots up to 15GB of tethering per month at no extra cost. You will get access to 5G and access to the 5G Ultra Broadband Network, that allows for download speeds 25 times faster. With Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan you can travel into Mexico and Canada without worrying about additional plan charges. You will get Unlimited Talk & Text, but data is reduced after .5GB per day. Verizon’s Play More Unlimited steps up their perks with more streaming options. With this unlimited plan you will get Disney+, Hulu, & ESPN+ free for the life of the plan. You will also get Apple Music for 6 months and Disney+ for 12 months.

Verizon’s Do More Unlimited

Verizon’s Do More Unlimited plan is different from Play More Unlimited with the features you get, but it mirrors the plan in its pricing. Similarly, you will still get access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra broadband Network and you will get 15GB of hotspot data per phone. Where things change are the types of features you get. Verizon’s Do More Unlimited is a plan designed for individuals who run their business with their mobile devices. Customer’s with Do More Unlimited get 50% off their connected devices. That is a huge benefit for someone with several iPads and smart watches on their plan. Verizon also offers their Do More Unlimited customers an extra 600GB of cloud storage, making sure your personal data is never lost. Rest assure, there is still some streaming options. Verizon’s Do More Unlimited will come with a 6-month trial for Disney+, Discover+, and Apple Music. With this plan you can travel into Mexico and Canada without worrying about additional plan charges. You will get Unlimited Talk & Text, but data is reduced after .5GB per day.

Verizon’s Get More Unlimited

With the Verizon Get More Unlimited plan, Verizon pulls out all the stops. They took the best features for each plan bundled together to give you the ultimate streaming and mobile experience. Verizon’s Get More Unlimited offers the same 50GB priority data with Verizon’s 5G Ultra broadband Network. Verizon’s steps it up for customers on the go by offering 30GB of hotspot data and HD streaming up to 720p. Cancel your paid subscriptions because this plan offers Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and Apple Music free for the entire time you have Verizon. In addition, Verizon offers 12-month free trial of Discovery+. For the customers with several tablets and lots of data, do not worry. The Verizon Get More Unlimited plan offers 50% off connected devices and 600GB of that same Verizon Cloud storage. Simply put, Verizon offers an unlimited plan for everyone, but Verizon’s Get More Unlimited takes all the best things and bundles them together in one premium plan.

Verizon is a great option for everyone. Whether you are an individual on a budget, or family of 5 that loves to stream at home. Verizon is one of the Big Three in the Cellphone industry. They offer the fastest 5G, great rural coverage, and competitive prices. We hope this breakdown helps you when picking the right plan.  

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