AT&T and 100 Thieves

30 January 2021

The Ideal Gaming Union

Some combinations just make sense.  Salt and pepper, BBQ sauce and chicken, phones and app-based payment, etc.  Now another one to join the sensical union list is going to be AT&T and 100 Thieves.  A carefully planned joining that just seems right, it’s one of the hottest topics in the gaming world, and with good reason.

What’s the sponsorship about?

As you already know, AT&T is a fast and popular network that has a lot of money behind it to keep it at the top of its game.  Over the years, they’ve earned a good reputation for being fast and reliable where other networks fall flat.  And now they’re pushing that strength and recognition further by teaming up with 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves is technically a lifestyle and gaming organization, and it focuses on its promotion of eSports, becoming known around the world for its dedication to quality gaming across the online world and is known for bringing out the best competition against professional gamers.

The fact that they are pairing up with AT&T means a whole lot of good things for gamers and the gaming world in general: mostly, that one working with the other promises the best of both for gamers!

What does AT&T’s sponsorship of 100 Thieves mean?

The fact that AT&T has decided to put their money and support behind 100 Thieves means a few great things for those who are immersed within its world and fierce competition.  The main things to come include:

  • 5G network for gaming: You can’t have quality gaming without a great connection. AT&T is pushing forward its impressive 5G network that will provide faster, better, and more professional connections for those in the world of competitive eSports.  Access to this network alone can help enhance the matches several times over.
  • Support and sponsorship for eSports team VALORANT: AT&T is now sponsoring the Valorant team that have just won at the VALORANT First Strike North American Finals, proving the dedicated professionals to top of the line equipment, access to a dedicated training room with lots of “bells and whistles'', and more. Putting their full support behind these dedicated professionals, it helps bring even more recognition and worldwide support to 100 Thieves.
  • Better, higher end gaming: From the fast-paced networks to the training room and other training tools for professional gamers, this union between the two giants shows gamers at all levels, and of all kinds, that there is better, higher end gaming coming and it’s going to offer a bigger world in the future for those who are looking to invest their time and skills in professional gaming.

    Gone are the days where gaming was nothing more than just a hobby that you could be really good at. Now seen as an official career and lusted after by all those who find themselves most comfortable behind a controller and a screen, the world is just starting to accept professional gaming as a formal career.  The support and dedication that AT&T is putting into it proves that this is only going to be more prominent as times goes on, too.
  • Promoting gaming for all: One of the best things about the sponsorship is the fact that 100 Thieves is all about promoting gaming for everyone, particularly in promoting equality for women in the competitive world of gaming.  With the sponsorship and unquestioning support by AT&T, this means that the message, too, gets extra notice and attention, and it pushes it out further to those up and coming professionals who are looking for it.

Simply, the fact that AT&T is openly supporting and sponsoring 100 Thieves tells us that its organization, as well as the world of professional gaming, is about to get a major push forward.  This is in terms of finances and access to technology, of course, but also more intangible things such as cultural and social support.  Since there are still many who look down on those in the world of professional gaming and eSports, it’s reassuring and satisfying to see that the world is finally catching up when it comes to recognition.  Not that they've stepped forward with the announcement, it’s only a matter of time until the competition does the same thing and pushes, too, the professional world further.

While it certainly was a long time coming for those who have been part of the professional gaming community, this new and unflinching support gives access to toys and tech, and a great, fast network to make the games and competition even better.

- Mobile Advisor

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