T-Mobile wins big with J.D. Power

09 March 2021
When you are looking for a wireless carrier one thing that you always take into consideration is not only the network you will be joining but also the customer experience you will be getting from that wireless carrier. There is no better indicator to understand how consumers look at their current wireless customer experience than J.D. Power.
 J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics.  It conducts surveys over customer satisfaction and buying behaviors for many industries.  This Firm is a global market research company that is best known for its customer satisfaction research and buyer behavior.
Now that you have some background on J.D. Power we are going to look at the latest information released by the company regarding customer satisfaction in the wireless industry.  In 2021 the biggest winner so far has been T-Mobile who nabbed another win from the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Mobile Network Operator performance study and grabbed the #1 spot for customer care in the wireless industry.
This is a big win for T-Mobile since the Covid-19 pandemic started 75% Of Americans surveyed stated that their customer service has gotten worse. The pandemic did not stop T-Mobile from delivering a great customer experience on the phone, on their website, and in store. This is the 21st time T-Mobile has won first place and considering all the challenges all wireless carries faced during the pandemic, this is a big win for them.
T-Mobile moved swiftly during the pandemic and it moved almost its entire customer care workforce out of 17 call centers across the US and into work from home positions.  T-Mobile moved almost 14,000 employees in 20 days to work from home positions and at the same time delivering exceptional customer experience through all avenues of the company.  Today, 95% of customer experts around the US are taking calls remotely at their homes and executing on T-Mobile's customer experience model and customers are staying happy and connected demonstrated by J.D. Power award.
T-Mobile winning this award is no surprise since changing their customer care model two years ago to be more innovative and have a high-touch approach where every customer gets a dedicated team of experts depending on their needs. When looking for your next wireless carrier you should always take a look at your coverage but also take into consideration how that particular company treats their customers, this can save you a big headache down the road.  

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