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Sales and Marketing Services

Our website's various information and resources should not be viewed as though we sell products on our site. We specialize in marketing various phone companies on our website to help users compare the different plans and quotes to make the best purchasing decision. The information on our website includes price comparisons of other top-quality but cheap phones with excellent features. From the lot, users can choose the phone they'd prefer. Once you email us, we'll respond in time with the latest phone plans and quotes from different phone carriers to help you save time and money but get the best phone you'll love to use for a long time. Do not rely on the information as being final because of the dynamism of business and marketing. Use it as a tool to enable you to find the best latest phone plans and quotes.

Informing and educating

The educational resources and informational materials provided on this website are not meant to dictate what phone you should buy. The decision lies with you. We offer relevant details on the available latest phone plans and quotes to consider when purchasing a new cheap but a quality phone. Although a licensed company, we do not sell the various phones we advise you to consider. We strictly provide our learning resources to use as a self-tool to enable you to compare the prices of different phones from various mobile phone providers. Once you have settled on a phone you'd want to purchase, we link you to the customercares of varying phone carriers to get your queries regarding the phone sorted. However, you'll have to fill a form, provide an email to receive instant latest phone quotes from several mobile phone providers from which you choose the best that fits your budget.

You agree and accept that we do not sell any products on the site. Always seek answers and more information on the phone you want to buy from the mobile phone provider you choose to contact through our website. Our job is to bring various phone providers close to you saving you the hectic process of looking for the best with cheap but excellent phones. Before making the purchase you should contact them beforehand to discuss all the essential details.

Do not hesitate to seek other mobile phone advice because of the information provided on this website. Do not make any purchases without evaluating the different quotes provided on this website. It's crucial to check with the mobile provider.


We do a lot of research to provide quality information on our website to help you access good phone plans and quotes from reputable phone companies. Therefore, we are not legal or financial advisors. The way you choose to spend your money or the legal risks encountered are your responsibility.

This website's informational resources are not a substitute for any financial or legal advice from your attorney or accountant. We put in a lot of input and carefully prepared the information on this website. But we are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or liability in the event of any loss or damages. If you have an issue, and depending on the circumstances, you can sort it out with your attorney and financial advisor. You agree that the information on our website does not provide legal or financial counsel.


You acknowledge that the information provided on or through this website will be used on your terms. Choosing to use our website is voluntary and you are individually responsible for any action, choices you make now and in the upcoming days. Taking responsibility for the consequences of using or not using the information on or through our website solely depends on you. You accept to use your intelligent judgment and due diligence before following our advice and recommendations to influence your life.


Our mission is to save you time and money through the information on our website. However, attaining your goal depends on personal effort and follow-through. We don't guarantee that you will achieve specific results since this depends on individual needs and other crucial elements such as background, desire, motivation level, and more. You agree we don't guarantee what you want to achieve using the information on or through our website.


Any latest phone plans and quotes provided in our website's information are subject to changes because of the ever-changing business industry. There is no assurance on any particular plan provided based on the website information. Therefore, you agree that we are not liable for any money you spend, the success and failure of your purchasing decision, or anything that can result from the use of our website. Anything that happens through the use of our website information is your responsibility.


We may promote, or affiliate with other individuals and businesses offering products or services that align with what I offer through my website. For transparency reasons, we want to inform you that we promote companies' products or services, and in exchange, we receive some commission. However, it's important to note that we only partner with reputable companies offering top-quality products. You accept that the promotions on the website do not serve as endorsements. When using our website, you still have to use your due diligence to make a wise selection of the product that best suits your needs. The risks associated are your responsibility, and therefore you agree that we are not responsible for any losses or damages related to the product you choose to buy.


We work hard to ensure that the information provided through our website is accurate and relevant. However, at times the information may contain certain unavoidable inaccuracies and typographical errors. You fully understand that together with the businesses affiliated with us, we will not be liable for any opinion or accuracy of recommendations given through the website. Many scientific and technological innovations are taking route in many business practices, so we are not responsible for any errors or accuracy of our website's information.


Recommendations and affiliate links in my website on considering different businesses for products you need do not include our formal endorsement. We are only providing educational information to use for your personal use. We are not liable for the website, emails, blogs, products, videos, and other content provided on the website. Also, we are not responsible for any person or company affiliated with our website. Conversely, if my website link is displayed in another individual's or company's website, products, or page, it does not include our formal endorsement.


In almost all circumstances, unforeseen individual risks and unlikely events arise when using our website. These risks often affect the results. However, using the information provided on or through our website is a personal responsibility, and there is no liability on our part. Bearing in mind that death, illness, or injury is a rare chance, you agree to take full responsibility for all risks. 


By choosing to use our website, you fully accept that we are pardoned of any of your losses or risks incurred when using the information provided and products you purchase through my website. We are not responsible for any types of damages such as indirect, direct, or incidental losses resulting from our website's use. You are also aware that I don't assume risks related to accidents, personal interruptions, profit loss, or any loss because of misinformation or creating content for our website.


You fully accept to hold harmless, indemnify us and any of our affiliates, partners, shareholders, employees, and anyone linked to my business from any causes of action against us, lawsuits, and risks involved during the use of our website.


We currently do not provide testimonials for people who have used our website to access what they wanted.  What we do is present real-life testimonials about other people's experience using our website.  The testimonials can also be comments made by people about our personality and quality of work. However, the testimonials are not a representation of the same or similar experiences in the future. They are purely for illustration purposes only on what to expect.


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